Why Adventure?

Why adventure?

Ever wonder why we need risk in our lives, no! Then I will tell you why. Adventure and risk are two different words but has a deep relationship with each other. Same as to love is to live, so adventure is to risks, not exactly our life but the fear we have in ourselves of let things go. Adventure is to feel that you are alive today and tomorrow is totally unpredictable. When you feel tired go do that extra mile and see the sense of achievement you will get that cannot replace anything.

Why adventure? Have you ever tried jumping from a height of 50ft or have you tried wandering the hidden secrets of deep sea, or gliding from 30,000 ft. or walking into the dark jungles at night with twinkling stars and taking that extra risk on the rafts in the do or die situation. All these sound like a thrill right? See how adventure takes you with himself in nature, environment, a sense of accomplishment and the main, understanding your own limits. However, Adventure is that, which you can feel, adventure cannot be explained in words, adventure can give you lifetime experience, adventure can make you learn and last, adventure takes you out from the box.

And “Life is an adventure, not a package tour”.

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