Adventure is risk! Myth or truth?

People think adventure is all about risk and the people ready to take risks, take part in those activities. Adventure is not only about adventure sports that we do in several places with different altitudes, heights, etc. But it is also about the day we are in and surviving it peacefully.

I can really tell you if you don’t harm nature, nature won’t harm you back. And if you are up for an adventure then be ready to adjust according to nature because nature or environment has characteristics and that is we have to adjust according to nature because nature doesn’t adjust according to us. And hence if we cross these circumstances we pay because nature has its own way of taking revenge, disasters, floods, cyclones, etc happen.

Adventure is risk? Myth or truth, it is a myth; however, everything is uncertain when it comes under nature. But we must also get aware that adventure has its own level while tackling, those can be subcategorized into two low risks activities and high-risk activities. If we want to take heavy risks to feel the level of achievement, for increasing the confidence lacking within ourselves and we are trained into it then we can take the activities of the high-risk example, free fall skydiving, high Fall River rafting, more than 20ft bungee jumping, night trekking, steep mountain climbing, etc. low risks activities are not harmful for example, plain or slight slope treks, safaris, low height camping, etc.

Since, what is a life without risk? Life is all about risks. Uncertainty of risks remains the same as without risks there is no growth, no matter what the outcome will be we will learn both the ways, whether in process or to the end result.

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