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Bhagoria Visit

Reporting at 6.00 am at Office
Depart by Private Taxi to the Place, Lunch on Route, Bhagoria Visit, Dinner on the return way. reach Indore by Late Evening

Outdoor MUD RUN

In Outdoor’s MUD Run Challenge Course team has to face obstacles similar to those used in military training such as Tire crossing, Rope Bridge, Crawl etc. These obstacles and challenges are employed throughout the path / circuit to endurance, strength, speed, dexterity and decision making while working in a team.

I in a Team

Rakesh Jain (RJ) is a Certified coach of Happiness, Master of Outbound Workshop, Master practitioner of NLP . He has been delivering various workshops across the country since last 15 years to various corporate and educational organizations.Team building is his forte and his specialty lies in using the experiential techniques to communicate complex and difficult ideas making them fun while improving the learning curve.

Power of 1 – Outbound batch II

As we are doing customize Outbound workshops for various corporate more then 15 years. so First time we come up with a OPEN workshop to make wider reach to big and small organizations as well as entrepreneurs.

Solar eclipse

When the new Moon intersects the light of the Sun, it brings a total solar eclipse on Earth. But it won’t be the case this time as the Moon is presently quite farther than average from Earth and once it will cross the Sun, a “negative shadow” or what technically called the antumbra will become visible in the form of the ring of fire.

Power of One OBT

Trainers Profile: Rakesh Jain (RJ) is a Master of Outbound Workshop, Certified Happiness Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP.
He is director of OLRPL and has been delivering various workshops across the country for last 15 years to various corporate and educational organizations. His focus is on Team Building, leadership, Motivation, Ego & Conflict resolution and other traits of behavior.