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AMK Expedition

The participant should be physically and mentally fit to attend the camp, Should not be suffering from any illness/ailments / BP / Asthama. As this trek is among the toughest trek of sahyadri so the participants participating should have a good fitness level, You should be a regular trekker, do personal exercise, cycling, swimming to increase your stamina before the trek.

Jam Gate and Pilot Trek

It’s time to have some leasure trip blended with some Pilot trek ka tadka.
Lets visit to the reat Jam Durg of Malwa, Which is the gateway of to malwa from nimar. A Historic Place right at the verge of Malwa Platue.
Please join us for a Day long Outing n trek

One day Trek to Gidiya Khow

Gidiya Kho Trekking Camp
Please join us for another exciting trekking trip to one of the highest waterfall of Indore. Situated in the valleys of Vindhyachal ranges, app 45 kn from Indore.

Chidia Bhadak Trek

There will be no proper parking place and we are not responsible for any dent or damage or any loss of your vehicle.
We prefer you to come with bus so that you can also enjoy the journey and become familiar with group.