• Overview

on Tuesday
Program by – Outdoor Adventures, Indore
Supported By – Adventures Women’s Group
Venue – Safari Activity Park

Eligibility: Any age group of females
Charges Includes : Medal, Digital Certificate,
Lunch (Chola + Bhutura + Veg Pulao + 2 Pic. Gulab Jamun)

Other adventure activities are available on extra charges at Safari Activity Park. Please refer web site for details

Time Slots ( One Hour Slot to each Batch)

Batch 1 : 1.00 – 2.00 pm
Batch 2 : 2.00 – 3.00 pm
Batch 3 : 3.00 – 4.00 pm

Rules and Regulations for Competitive Outdoor’s MUD RUN Challenge Course
1. All the team members should complete all the obstacle zones together, if any person unable to any course the team will be disqualified.
2. MUD RUN will be organizing in hourly slot. Winner will be declared on the basis of lowest time taken to complete all task.
3. All participants should show team building, courtesy, and respect to other teams.
4. The teams have to report at the registration desk 1 hour before their time slot allotted.
5. Only Participating team member are allowed in the MUD run arena.
6. All participants must wear sporty clothing and sports shoes.
7. Once your entry is verified you will get a confirmation of your participation through email / MSG/ What’sApp about time slot. Winners will be informing over Phone / Email.
8. One team should not disturb other teams. If they have to wait for an Obstacle then please show your sportsmanship and give the chance to other team. One the team time starts there will be no pause in timing in any case.
9. Our Volunteers will be present on the path to guide you and help them in case of emergency.
10. The Organizing committee can alter, amend and change the path and rules and regulations without prior notice.
11. Alcohol and Smoking is strictly prohibited at arena. Alcoholic person and his team will be disqualified from the MUD RUN.
12. All participants must sign the indemnity cum weaver bond.

What kind of Obstacles are in MUD RUN
In Outdoor’s MUD Run Challenge Course team has to face obstacles similar to those used in military training such as Tire crossing, Rope Bridge, Crawl etc. These obstacles and challenges are employed throughout the path / circuit to endurance, strength, speed, dexterity and decision making while working in a team.

The Objective behind the challenge:-
• To promote Adventure sports.
• To develop the confidence.
• Leave the comfort Zone.
• To improve the team bounding within teams

The Participants should practice endurance, strength, speed, dexterity & decision making. They should practice by attempting adventure challenges & overcoming obstacles .it could be through jogging, yoga or stretching exercise.