• Overview

I in a Team
a experiential learning workshop
various team building activities and Exciting Drum Circle

People always read in quotes that there is no “I” in a teams, But we strongly believe that until every person whether they are working in team or as an Individual there are always need to sharpen the skills.
For teams to reach their full potential, “I” must develop excellent perception skills – the ability to shift between the team and its individuality.
Individual consists of I…Me…Myself and it’s a team…

The great harmony of Orchestra is proportional to Tuning of individual Instrument.

Objective of Workshop
@ Importance of “I” in a team
@ Individual Role Play
@ Enhance leadership quality
@ Break comfort zone barrier
@ Improve Decision Making
@ Innovation & creativity
@ Building trust
@ Importance of team Building

Who can attend
~ Corporate Managers & Team
~ Entrepreneurs
~ Individual Professionals
~ Educationalist
~Start ups
~ And any one who believe in team building

Where – Marriott Hotel, Vijay Nagar, Indore
Time – 9 to 5 pm

Trainers Profile: Rakesh Jain (RJ) is a Certified coach of Happiness, Master of Outbound Workshop, Master practitioner of NLP . He has been delivering various workshops across the country since last 15 years to various corporate and educational organizations.Team building is his forte and his specialty lies in using the experiential techniques to communicate complex and difficult ideas making them fun while improving the learning curve.