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Upcoming Camps
24-25th October, 2015

Family Night Camping in Forest


The Contents of Adventure Session will be - Knots, Technical equipment's, Map Reading, GPS handling, Two way Communication, First aid Training, Photo graphy workshop, Adventure Movies and other topics.

Apart from above programs we can also make a customize program according to your group and various pilot trek and adventure for Volunteer (Orion's). Please keep looking at Club Face Book Group,Page and FB Orions Page.

For more assistance please contact -
Office at Preeti : 0731- 4095901
Orions :-
Mahesh Mathur (986414435), Amit Jain (9893202231), Sandesh Dhingera (9827324733), Tejas Shah (9824181948), Anuj Jindal (7869912321), Ankit Jain (9424602220), Prince Makkad (9009503668), Milind Jain (8989655717), Kunal Tolani (9977161098), Yash Premchandani (7771998090), Pranshu Khandelwal (9977290699), Siddhant Jain (8871459998), Maulik Gala (7389944509), Prakhar Sahu (9926084429), Purnima Raut, Pinky Verma, Chhavi Khandelwal, Arunima Raut, Surbhi Gupta, Juhi Verma, Deeksha Patkar, Divya Agrawal, Ankita Jain