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Outdoor activities like Hiking, Rock Climbing, Orienteering, Jungle Walk, etc. have been largely used for the purpose of recreation and exploration. These activities leave their great impact not just on body, but also on the mind of the participating peoples.

Objective: Confidence for life Camp involve learning methods that focus on skills such as: -
  • Listening & Cooperation
  • Diversity& Patience
  • Develop Team Building
  • Better Communication
  • Identifying Risk Factors & Other Character Traits in an Individual but above
  • all it's FUN.

Making an Outdoor Learning experience a compulsory event in the curriculum makes it part of your total educational experience and more importantly a common landmark experience in the school life of your students.

There are various adventure sports which can be arranged in school premises or in nearby Forest area.

Special camp - CBC - Confidence Building camp
Rock Climbing :
The "King of sports" camp can be organized as per the age of the students.                             
Artificial Climbing :
Confidence is what the need of all the students irrespective of age. Through the use of physically and mentally challenging Climbing Wall individuals learn how to better work together as a team with a common goal with confidence. It provides the opportunity to learn the techniques of safety while climbing in a safe and a controlled environment. The youth has realized the benefits of training on an artificial wall in order to improve his climbing skills and endurance which come in handy during climbing competition held at state as well as the national level.
Rappelling :
A method of descending down from rock face or wall by using a fixed rope. What you do is tie a rope to a firm anchor, attach your seat harness to it, move backwards until you reach the edge of the cliff and then let gravity do the hard work. It's a mixture of fun and thrill.
Safety will be provided by Belaying method.
River crossing / Valley Crossing :
We will setup the rope between two fix anchor or across the swimming pool.
After introduction of technical gear and demo of activity we will tied seat harness to student & rope for belay and allow participants to slide on rope to cross river flowing below. Student has to use his power to slide on rope and synchronize his motion. Belaying will also provided to help them for crossing the river.
Net climbing :
A New Version of Climbing on a Wall.                                                                                                                                
Trekking :
In Trekking Camp we add little Jungle trekking (or more if group demands) where participant will have to walk along the river or in the forest, get acquainted with the flora & fauna. They take lunch in the jungle and understand the local geography and the importance of Water, Wood and Trees.
Obstacle course :
We have 5 to 10 element of obstacle course which can be made at school for increasing confidence.
Archery :
The Great fun with Olympic size Archery Gear.                                                                                          
Jumaring :
The fun & Enjoyable way to climb the heights.                                                                                                                        
Star Gazing :
People didn't know much about our sky overhead. They think, " There is nothing to watch other then "Twinkle Twinkle little star" in the sky".
There are countless wonders await your gaze every clear night. Some of are
" One can see the rings of the planet "Saturn" and its satellite "Titan", Giant planet "Jupiter" and it's four Moons, phases of bright "Venus".
" You can see a galaxy 2.2 million light-years away with your unaided eye.
" Can see craters of the Moon with ordinary binoculars.
" One Can trace the artificial Satellite launch by man.
" Know about Beautiful Constellations, Star Clusters, Nebulas, Meteors, Comets…
(All views are depends upon sky position and conditions)
Parasailing :
Parasailing is another form of aero sport which is acquiring great popularity among the adventure sport lovers in India. In this sport you are harnessed into a parachute which takes you into the air to enjoy the height & beauties of surround area from above. It's a pleasant activity for those who do not dare to ski or glide. A great fun, this sport takes you to the glorious heights with the help of parachutes.
Nature Study camp :
We can arrange customize nature trips as per your desire in different places of India like Panchmadhi, Mandu, Manali, Shimla, Jaisalmer, Goa, Kerla etc.